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LCD Video wall in TV show “Running Man”

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"Running Man" is an entertainment program of Jiangsu TV, which is very popular in China. and the war of tearing name tag is commonly seen in "Running Man" program, as a industry leader in LCD display shenzhen Creworld, of course,we are not here to explain entertainment with everyone, but to introduce the application of seamless splicing LCD screen in the "Running man" , the team how to use LCD video wall command and monitor the PK among the player!


In this program, the rule of tearing name tag is that two of six members stay in the control room looking for "prey" through the screen LCD video wall system,and send teammate an order to catch target player and tear up the name tag.it seems like a simple game, actually it is marvelous, which not only requires strong mobility and excellent audio and video synchronization on surveillance systems, and requested the display terminal can clearly see the live picture, the fastest order to convey the optimal deployment and arrangements, most quickly find opponents seem very demanding, but as the best terminal seamless LCD display device in security monitoring industry  in terms of its:1080P resolution, 500cd / m2 brightness, 3000: 1 high contrast ratio, 178 degree wide viewing angle, high-definition LED display panel, 1080P Full HD digital video display can easily search for members of hiding "prey" by the reliable display platform! liquid crystal display system can realize screen image superimposed, cross-screen display and other functions, it can also provide the images of different areas on the display screen for running Man quickly and conveniently find opponents.

Shenzhen Creworld seamless LCD video wall is with low power, low heat, light weight, long lifespan, no radiation, high reliability, lifespan can reach more than 100,000 hours, its applications widely applied in government, transport department, energy, finance, broadcasting, entertainment, health care, education and so on.


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