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Requirements on installation of LCD video wall?

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LCD seamless video wall system is highly appreciated in the security industry , so when you are ready to  install it,you need to pay attention to the below issues!  Shenzhen Creworld provides you with some suitable suggestion:

1, the mounting surface should be flat. Because the weight of whole seamless LCD splicing screen is quite heavy, its technology determines the cabinet is very large and heavy, so if you install the device  on Ceramic tile, it must firstly confirm whether it can bear such weight, in addition preferably fixed on the anti-static floor, in order to ensure no deformation by heavy ground in a long time .


2, wiring should meet these requirements. When you are doing wiring, power lines and signal lines should be separate in order to avoid unnecessary interference signal;in addition, calculating the length and quantities of various cable including the signal cable according to the specifications of the LCD video wall you choose,cabinet or brackets position, and the signal source location. While you also need to confirm with customers at whether the project pipeline channel available to meet the actual needs in order to continue follow-up work.


3,ambient light should be good. Because of the relatively limited brightness of seamless splicing LCD screen, if the surrounding light is too bright around the LCD video wall, the picture effect will be affected. Under normal circumstances, it is better that the area in front of the screen within four meters is dark, it is best not to install fluorescent tubes but can be installed concealed lamp, the light can not directly go onto the screen and must have a separate switch.


4. The framework requires as below. Taking the installation and maintenance of facilities into account , the framework must be detachable. From the the outer wall to the side frame (up and down around the four sides) set aside about 25mm bezel on each side, seamless splicing LCD screen should also be appropriate to increase the space based on the number of columns. In addition, in order to do maintenance and repair in the future. the passage should not be less than 1.2m width in principle. Removable side frame need to press the edge of the screen 3-5mm appropriately, after the cabinet and the screen is fully seated, and finally fixed removable side frame.


5, air conditioning. In the passage, it must install air conditioning or air outlet, which ensure good ventilation for equipment. The outlet should be as far away from the video wall (about 1m is better), and the air can’t directly blow to the cabinet in case of uneven heat dissipation.

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