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CCTV LCD Monitor: 8 application Scenarios

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First, the transportation department. LCD monitor can provide real-time monitoring road conditions, help protect people's travel safety, such as bus stations, train stations, subway stations, airports.


Second, the finance department. Bank, as a typical representative of the financial industry, is closely related to people's daily lives, the bank will involve a lot of daily circulation of funds, the application of LCD monitor is essential to guard against criminal behavior, safeguard the normal operation of the bank.


Third, the medical industry. It need to monitor normal and emergency situations 24 hours in hospital, LCD monitor is required.

Fourth, the retail industry. Shopping malls, small store, install a LCD monitor to guard against theft of behavior in order to protect the store.


Fifth, the education industry. LCD monitors installed in the school,real-time monitoring is to ensure the safety of students in the school; install monitors in the classroom in order to urge the students to learn and establish a good test atmosphere.

Sixth, public places. LCD monitors that installed in public places protects people's social public security, it has played a key role in the investigation some incidents , such as the Plaza monitoring.


Seventh, government departments.send the rapid and accurate order, such as operational command center.

Eighth, enterprise.it is good to monitor the situation of company's various departments , thereby improving the company's working efficiency.

LCD monitor can be applied mainly in the above places. As technology continues to improve, the performance of LCD monitors are gradually upgrading, the other in high-definition,intelligent and ultra-slim bezel displays driven LCD monitor to occupy the bigger parts of video surveillance equipment market,the most important thing is to promote community and finally achieve true harmony society.

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