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What’s the development trend of LCD CCTV Monitor?

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With the increasing development of LCD monitor,the performance,function and marketing space of LCD monitor will extent a lot from now on.bigger screen,energy-saving, intelligent will be the development trend of LCD monitor.

一,Bigger Screen is needed in some special market,such as,bigger project of monitoring,government project that needs to build up bigger size of LCD video wall.

二,Energy-saving. Now many company has been gradually understood that energy-saving is gonna be a good selling point of LCD monitor,they started more investment into research to lower the power consumption and produce eco-friendly monitor.

三,intelligent.let the LCD monitor become more intelligent is not just a hope,it is a trend which cannot be halted.the demand of market decided the trend of the development.people are inclined to more intelligent and interactive LCD monitor.

Shenzhen Creworld has been focused on research of bigger screen(LCD video wall),energy saving,intelligence since we established.and our product covers wide range.LCD advertising player,a variety of kiosk.LCD AIO PC.

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