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About our company and services[ 2015-08-04 ]
1. Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company? A:We are a manufacturer who has been specializing in producing LCD display for years.
Considerations for Outdoor LCD Displays[ 2015-08-04 ]
With indoor environments, everything is nice and comfortable. It does not rain inside, temperatures and humidity are controlled, the sun does not shine indoors, ambient ....
The Differences Between LCD Advertising Display and TV [ 2015-08-04 ]
With the rapid development of advertising industry, many people think advertising screen is the same product as TV in function, actually...
Requirements on installation of LCD video wall?[ 2015-08-06 ]
LCD seamless video wall system is highly appreciated in the security industry , so when you are ready to install it,you need to pay attention to the below issues!
What is dead pixel of LCD video wall?[ 2015-08-06 ]
Seamless splicing LCD screen is composed of a number of pixels, each pixel forms image because of the ever-changing RGB color . If there is a problem with one pixel, color does not change ....
LCD Video wall in TV show “Running Man”[ 2015-08-19 ]
【Running Man】 is an entertainment program of Jiangsu TV, which is very popular in China. and the war of tearing name tag is commonly seen in 【Running Man】 program, as a industry leader in LCD display shenzhen Creworld,
CCTV LCD Monitor: 8 application Scenarios[ 2015-08-06 ]
First, the transportation department. LCD monitor can provide real-time monitoring road conditions, help protect people\'s travel safety, such as bus stations, train stations, subway stations, airports.
Security Guide of LCD Monitor[ 2015-08-07 ]
When do we need to pay attention to using the LCD Monitor? As we all knew, if you use the LCD monitor is in incorrect way, which may cause electric shock or fire, even if it is not so serious, but also ...
What’s the development trend of LCD CCTV Monitor?[ 2015-08-07 ]
With the increasing development of LCD monitor,the performance,function and marketing space of LCD monitor will extent a lot from now on.bigger screen,energy-saving, intelligent will be the development trend of LCD monitor...
6 Different Touch Technologies and What They Are Used For[ 2015-08-11 ]
1.Resistive ,used for point-of-sale(pos) terminals ;Office Automation;Votong machines;Retail Automation;Industrial Automation;Pharmacy Automation 2.Capactive ,Used for Mobphone ,large format project capative touch displays. 3.Infrared ,used for kios
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